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Interior stylist and trend forecast, trained in retail trade in the fashion and luxury field and travels to many international shows where she reports from about upcoming trends. Gudy teaches since 1996 and has launched in Spring 2014 moodboarding workshops (a technique she has been using now for 18  years) in her hometown Barcelona tailored to personal or professional needs of the participants with different programs. Shortly after, she started hosting these classes at other European markets and is currently working on the international agenda for 2015.

In addition to Eclectic Trends, Gudy has been offering trend consulting on collections to be developed for the past 8 years, designs and executes styling concepts for catalogs and is currently spending some time on one of her greatest passions soon to be launched: a small one-of-a-kind piece collection of ceramics.

“Un moodboard es una técnica creativa que brinda claridad a tu proyecto transformando ideas y conceptos en un panel de inspiración. Para poder comunicarlo y que llegue a tu interlocutor de una manera más profunda.”